Week Without Driving

Pledge for San Mateo County Week Without Driving 2023

From Sunday September 10th - Saturday 16th, join a county-wide effort to live a week of your life in our community without driving a car.

If you can drive, and can afford a car, this isn't something you think about. But for nearly a quarter of people in our country - people with disabilities, young people, seniors and people who can't afford cars or gas - this is our every day.

Having to drive during the challenge does not signify failure, the goal is to consider how someone without that option would have coped, and what choices they might have made.

As the week progresses, share your experiences with others on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) with hashtag, #WeekWithoutDriving.

Pledge to forego driving Sept. 10-16th here, and receive tips on how to succeed at it:


Hear from a San Mateo resident on what can be gained from pledging to forego driving for the week.