Vision Zero



We demand that our city councils start putting kid’s health and safety above the convenience of cars and fund safety improvements. We call on our school board to step up and take action too.

Just as every child has a right to fair and public education, every child has a right to feel safe on their commute to and from school. Our streets of San Mateo and Foster City are not safe for our students nor residents. Not enough is being done to curb the increase in aggressive driving, excessive speeding, or poor driver behavior.

RALLY WITH US at City Council and School Board meetings. Wear "High Vis" clothing - reflective and neon clothing and accessories if you can come in person. Join virtually if you can't!

Mark your calendars:


Thank you all who wrote into San Mateo City Council and spoke at the January 16th meeting! We certainly got the attention of City Council. READ MSM's LETTER TO COUNCIL with our  asks for the next Budget Cycle.

Our asks:

Thank you all who wrote into San Mateo-Foster City School District's Board of Trustees and spoke at the January 25th meeting! One Board Member even called for a study session on the topic of Safe Routes to School

Keep the pressure up. Every chance you get to talk to a Board member or Superintendent Ochoa, please ask the District to:

February 5, 2024 at 7pm 

Foster City Council Meeting

Foster City City Hall

610 Foster City Blvd

Foster City, CA 94404

**We will speak during the general public comment period (usually the first 30 minutes of the meeting. Our asks:

What We Want - 

We need safer street design: more crosswalks, crossing guards, carpooling, busing, bike lanes, signage, lower speed limits, walking and biking groups, education on how to walk/bike/scoot to school safely, and driver etiquette education for drop-off and pickup lines.

We hear far too often from families that they feel their only option for commuting to school is to drive, because biking, scootering or walking is too unsafe. This places a heavy burden on families to drive their students to and from school, creating more traffic, and driver frustration. This deprives our children of developing autonomy, independence, and problem solving skills by traveling to school by themselves or in small groups.

When we choose to get around not driving,  we interact more with the world around us. We say hello to others out walking, meet other parents and students, and create and strengthen our community.

We demand our school board and the cities of San Mateo and Foster City adopt Vision Zero policies AND fund them. We demand that they take action in this fiscal year planning period by earmarking funds for personnel and vision zero action plans, and funding for quick builds

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero seeks ZERO deaths and serious injuries in our roadways. Achieving Vision Zero requires a fundamental paradigm shift in how our culture views traffic collisions—we must affirm the fact that every roadway death and life-altering injury is preventable. Vision Zero applies to all roadway users, traffic collision injuries, and traffic-related deaths. Remember - when streets are safe for people walking and biking, they are safe for all road users, including drivers and transit riders as well.

Read the California Walks/Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalitions Vision Zero Toolkit to see a roadmap for cities to work toward this important goal.